Review on my current facial mists sprays


Hello everyone!

I have to say that since I discovered face mists sprays, I immediately fall in love with them. Not only do they set your make-up, but they also bring other beneficially properties: That´s why I always carry one around in my personal bag, because in seconds they can turn our tired and dehydrated skin into a glowing, radiant and luminous look ! They are Miracle Workers in my personal opinion!

Until now, I only tried three facial mists from different brands! My favourite one is from a brand called Kenzo (Fresh Lotus Water).I love it´s subtle fragrance, the way it´s immediately absorbed into my skin and the velvety look it brings to it!

Another product that I have been using in a daily base is renewed hope in a jar, microrenewal hydrating mist from the brand Philosophy. I use it all over my face with or without make-up, just to give that extra dewy radiance my skin needs to look always fresh!The fragrance is not that great compared to the Kenzo Fresh Lotus Water, but still this products works perfectly in my skin!

For last and not least, I am also in love with the Vitamin E Face Mist from The Body Shop! This is the most affordable face mist that I have mentioned in this post, and it also works the same way as the others! The only negative point i have to mentioned is the rose water fragrance that it contains, which I´m not a big fan!

I hope you enjoyed this mini review from my current facial mists sprays! If you wish to recommend me other products feel free to do it!

My best regards to you all!

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