My Mourning Routine!

Hello everyone!

This is my simple morning routine when I stay at home working! I am a portuguese freelance architect living in The Netherlands with my Dutch boyfriend! I am a very communicative person and YouTube has been an escape for me in this last times, in the way I feel I am in touch with a lot of people. It´s not the same as real people, but nowadays online communities are big and important, and it just feels right for me, right now in my live, to make YouTube videos. I don´t know where they will take me, but as I am a positive person, I will remain doing them and hope my channel grows slowly, as I also will improve in the content quality !

Let´s go to the subject of this video! My morning routine is simple and basic! This one is different because I don´t apply makeup when I have to stay home working. However, I do take care of my skin and, of course, I have breakfast! I always have a hot shower in the evenings, and that means I don´t  waste time in the morning with them. Instead, I jump for my skin and teeth care, of course!! Here come the products I am using currently:

Splaat Professional White Plus Bio-Active Toothpaste

First thing in the morning I always wash my teeth! Now I am using this toothpaste that my boyfriend bought in the last week and we both are loving it! It contains potassium ions that effectively relieve hypersensitive teeth. The formula contains a combination of Polydon and Sodium Triphosphate that claims to remove dental plaque.This toothpaste also gently whitens and polishes your tooth to a brilliante shine! Yes, I am loving this toothpaste at the moment!

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Tamarind and Purifyng micro-pearls

I am a fan of Clarins products and there cleansers! When I am stressed my combination skin gets more oily, and this cleanser is perfect for a daily use! It gently removes my impurities, excess of oil and dead skin cells that, as you know, can clog your pores. Clarins claims this gentle foaming cleanser  wth tamarind and purifying micro-pearls has been specifically formulated for combination and oily skin, and promotes a clean, matte complexion. By removing dead surface skin cells, tamarind refines the skin texture and tightens pores.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris Alcohol-free

After I cleanse my face I use a toner. I am currently using the Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris, alcohol-free, which removes every last trace of cleanser and leaves skin perfectly well. The formula of this toner tightens pores, while helping to normalize surface oils. I am loving it!

La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Anti-Dark Circle Brightening care

This product was developed to reduce blue and brown dark circles and provide a visibly brighter eye look. La Roche-Posay claims this eye cream contains phe-resorcinol, caffeine, and light reflective pigments that will improve dark circles. I specially love the cooling metal applicator that helps to apply and gently melt-in the cream in my sensitive eye area. The creams reduces a little bit the appearence of my dark circles, but it doesn´t make any miracles! I have been using it in a daily base and I love it mostly because of the applicator and the cooling effect!!

Olaz Total Effects 7 in One Moisturiser + Serum

Because I am lazy, I like products that are two in one! Olaz is one of my favourite drugstore brands and when it comes to daily moisturises I always go for Total Effects 7 in One! It does the job and it´s affordable!

Eucerin Sun Creme 50+ Tinted

I always have to use sun protection in my face because I suffer from pigmentation and melasma. I always apply it in the morning because, otherwise, I might forget! Even when I stay at home, I know I will have to go out for a small walk or  go to the supermarket! In this way, I am always protected and my pigmentation will not get worse! Currently, I am using the tinted sun creme from Eucerin and I don´t have any complains!

My best wishes to you all!!

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