Makeup Revolution / Ultra Blush Golden Sugar Palette Review

The Golden Sugar Ultra Blush Palette is one of Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Blush Palettes. The others are called Hot and Spice and Sugar and Spice . The palette contains six shades of powder blushes, bronzers and highlighters inside and you can see them in the pictures below..




The first shade i is an icy white highlighter,with some touch of gold! It might be to shiny to use in your face but it´s perfect to use as an inner corner eyeshadow.
The shade number 4 works weel as an bronzer but it is quite shimmery so you have to take that into account.
The shade number 8 is the only matte and I used it in my video to contour and it worked very well in my fair skin.
The other shades work well as blushes, but they aren´t very pigmented and all contain shimmer.
All the shades have a silky and smooth texture and very little fallout, which is amazing for the price I paid for it (8.40 Euros).
You can find this palette in the nexts websites if you live in The Netherlands:
You can also get it from the official website:
I hope you enjoyed this post and the video with the swatches! Greatings from Zustta!

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