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It has been a while since my last video! But I am back with a new review of a drugstore palette! It´s a very pretty one, with 16 shimmer and matte eyeshadows. It´s called  Naked Chocolate and  belongs to I HEART MAKEUP collection, a line created by Makeup Revolution.

11CHOCOLATEpalettenakedchocolate22The packaging is made up like a bar of white chocolate melting and  inside you have a handy big mirror to apply your makeup. From my experience I can say that all the eyeshadows in this palette have a decent quality taking into account the money you pay for them. They blend all well and they last all day in your eyes with a decent primer. In my opinion the shimmer shades are just a little bit more pigmented and more intense than the matte ones.


In the picture above you can see swatches from the first row of shades that come in the palette. The shades Smoothly and Choc-fest are matte and not soo exciting as the others!

2CHOCOLATEpaletteIn the picture above you can see swatches from the second row of shades. Here, only Sweet Shop is really matte. The others contain shine.

3CHOCOLATEpaletteIn the picture above you can see swatches of the last row of shades. Here, only  Double Dip and Way are really shimmer shades, the other three are matte, and in my opinion the best ones in the palette! I really like the Way colour because it really opens  my eyes and it can be used as a highlighter! Milky is my favourite matte eyeshadow !

nakedchocolatenamesAs you can see from the picture above, the colour range in this palette is mostly  neutral,  with a mix of browns, golds, rose, taupes, etc.

Smoothly works as matte base but it isn´t as pigmented as other shades, and for very white skin (as me for instance) it really doesn´t work that well. Divine and Mocha Love are really pretty  rose gold shimmer shades with some twist of brown. Dipped is a less intense brown  shimmer, but lovely as well, and Choc-Fest is a strong burgundy brown matte, not as pigmented as the other shades.
Adorable is a creamy shimmer shade, perfect  to work as a base. Buttons is a cold brown shimmer, perfect to use in the eye crease. Frosted Choc is more a kind of warm shimmer golden brown, more suitable for a night makeup look. Delight is a subtil shimmer shade, a combination of grey, brown and purple. Sweet Shop is an intense matte warm brown,  very nicely pigmented. Sugar is the most intense of the second row, it´s a kind of dark brown-purple shade, with some twist of sheen.
Double Dip is an intense bright gold shimmer, perfect for intense party makeup looks, for instance. Tob-le-rone is a kind of a light brown taupe matte, suitable  for the eye crease . Wonka  is an intense matte dark brown nicely pigmented! Milky is a matte pink taupe, similar to Tob-le-rone but smoothly more pigmented . In the end there is  Way, a bright yellow gold shimmer, perfect  to bright  the inner corner of your eye, or to use as a highlight in your face as well, as mentioned before!
zustta_nakedchocolate1zustta_nakedchocolateFor me this palette wins in design packaging and price!It´s really cheap for the amount of eyeshadows you get and for the quality and pigmentation of the shades!It´s also perfect to offer your best friend or sister, for example,  as a present! Finally, it also contains a funny smell, hard to describe, a sort of an artificial sweet milky chocolate aroma…

I f you live in the Netherlands, sometimes you can find this palettes in promotion in Kruidvat and Trekpleister, but you have to pay attention to their  weekly folder. Otherwhise, they are sold online for 9.99 Euros  at :

I hope this post post is useful for you and have fun watching my video on Youtube above!

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