Makeup Revolution / I HEART MAKEUP/ Death by Chocolate palette review

Because I had such fun playing the last time with the naked chocolate palette from Makeup Revolution, I decided to get more from the same line! Death by Chocolate was my choice this time and I have to say I got amazed again!

death-by-chocolateThis palette is part of a line within Makeup Revolution called I HEART MAKEUP.  It has a few palettes, with a lovely packaging, similar to a bar of chocolate melting. Inside, there’s a handy mirror,  an applicator, and a plastic film with the eyeshadow names on it. In total there are 16 shades,  some are matte and the rest shimmer.  It does contain a funny smell of artificial chocolate aroma, but it isn´t an unpleasant one!

death-by-chocolate1I did swatches of the eyeshadoes in my arm, without using any kind of primer. If you have white fair skin as I do, the following pictures can be usefull to you!SWATCHES1In this first row of swatches, White Light, Break me Up and All is Lost are matte shades, the rest are shimmer.

SWATCHES2In the second row we have Lick Me, One More Bar and Devour Me that are matte eyeshadows. The rest shades are shimmer and Fool´s Gold is amazing!SWATCHES3In the last row we have no matte eyeshadow, only shimmer ones. Tease me and Bring Down Angels are my favourites here!death-by-chocolate2The palette has a good mix of matte and shimmer shades warm-toned. Here you get yellows, golds, purpels, browns, greys and a black shade!

Since I have really oily lids, I need to apply first an eyeshadow primer on my lids, and with it underneath the eyeshadows last all day.

The shadows blend  well amongst themselves, and are really pigmented, buttery, soft, but they have  fallout.

My favourites are Don´t let Go, Fool´s Gold, Tear the Wrapper, Love you to Death, Dipped and Bring Down Angels! They are all amazing intense shimmer shades that make your eye pop in any situation! The matte shades here like White Light, Break Me Up, One More Bar and Devour Me, are nice to use for a discreet makeup look!

2deathbuchocolate1deathbuchocolateIn the end I have to say that I paid less than 10 Euros for this palette and I got 16 eyeshadows in a cute packaging. For me this looks like a good deal and a good present to offer someone to start playing with makeup the same way as I did in the video I posted here above on YouTube!

Because I am currently living in The Netherlands, here are some shops where you can find them online:

I hope this post and the video were usefull to you! See you in the next time!!

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